oracle之Oracle 包中的最大行数

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谁能告诉我 Oracle 包中的最大行数? Oracle 推荐什么? 什么是编程可能的?


来自章节PL/SQL Program Limits在 11.2 文档中:

In the shared memory pool, a package specification, ADT specification, standalone subprogram, or anonymous block is limited to 67108864 (2**26) DIANA nodes which correspond to tokens such as identifiers, keywords, operators, and so on. This allows for ~6,000,000 lines of code unless you exceed limits imposed by the PL/SQL compiler

这是 identical in 10g .重要的是要记住,代码行越多,编译速度就越慢,执行时运行的时间也就越长,因为代码行越多通常意味着要执行的操作越多。

Diana 代表 Ada 的 Descriptive Intermediate Attributed Notation;这是

... a tree-structured intermediate language. It is defined using a metanotation called Interface Definition Language (IDL). DIANA is used internally by compilers and other tools.



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